Body Care Detox

Are you doing a cleanse, detox, or diet after the holidays? Do you feel that you indulged just a little bit and now it is time to get in shape and be healthy? 

I am. But not when it comes to food. I am detoxing in another way. My body care routine.

First of all, the Why. 

Many of the body care products I have used since my first pregnancy have been healthy and non-toxic. Having two girls, I also ensure absolutely EVERYTHING they use is completely free of toxins and safe. But for myself, there were still some products that I was using that I really wanted to change. I wanted to do it to prevent any further risk or damage and to detox my body from all the nasty stuff in the conventional products.

The What. 

I was already bathing with soap that is free of fragrances and of course SLS and parabens, etc. I wanted to switch my hair routine, so I gradually switched over to a natural option for washing my hair. Next up, toothpaste and deodorant. And finally, my facial routine- wash, tone, moisturize. 

I did some research into natural alternatives for body care. I made all of my own salts and sugar scrubs with organic essential oils and homegrown herbs and flowers. I started incorporating different oils such as coconut and almond. And I thoroughly researched the benefits of natural toothpaste.

The How.

I started with the small changes that were easy to adopt (soap, shampoo) and I also made all that I could myself. I took this project on gradually so that I would not be spending loads of money on supplies and products without testing out the different options. Along the way I discovered what NOT to use on my skin-type and that has saved me a lot of trouble when researching recipes. 

I decided that I also wanted to buy some products, things that I could probably make but the time and testing was not an investment I wanted to make right now. I wanted to purchase from local producers (BC) whom I trusted and I enjoy supporting. 

When we switched toothpaste (for the whole family) we tested a few brands. Our requirements were no flouride, SLS, artificial flavors, and sugar. We settled on a brand that we can actually purchase from our local natural foods store and the kids have adjusted well.

Another big one for me was switching deodorant. I don't know why but I was really convinced that a "natural" one wouldn't work on me. I am not normally so gullible when it comes to marketing, but the more I read about the benefits and effectiveness of natural deodorant, the more convinced I was that I should try. I have been following Element Botanicals on social media. They are in BC and make lovely products. I took the plunge and ordered some products for me and my husband. The deodorant test started January 1. I love the smell of my new deodorant and it works so well. 

The face routine really needed a boost as I have aged, moved to a different climate, and need something easy for mornings and nights. I started making my own face wash and toner. This was tricky as so many recipes for the face are rose-based, which is something I cannot use. So I continued to test and experiment. I also started making my own serums and lotions for my face. It is so easy and the ingredients are a fraction of the price. I would still purchase these from a trusted natural body care company but now I know what works on my skin and what doesn't. 

Next Up.

Given my pale and freckly complexion, I am an avid user of sunblock. I am just starting to search for a better source and I have even found some recipes that I think I will try. I will know very quickly if they work! 

Steps to Detox Your Body Care Routine.

It can seem overwhelming to detox from all of the products we use daily and weekly on our skin and hair (and teeth!). Here is how I made the process happen over time so that I could genuinely change my routine, save money, and eventually be healthier.

1. Make a list of all of your body care products that you use daily and weekly.
2. Read the ingredients on all of these products.
3. Make a second list of all of the items you would like to change.
4. Separate out these items to skin, hair, teeth, face.
5. Choose one category and search for an alternative for one item in that category. 
6. Once a month or so, choose another item from a different category and switch, repeating until you have found alternatives for all of the products you wanted to change.

Revisit your list and see if there is anything new you would like to change or learn how to make. 

Something new- soon I will be sharing some tips on small business. I have received so many questions from other entrepreneurs that I though I would start sharing what I have learned along the way.

Happy January!


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