The S'more The Merrier {Throw a S'mores Party!}

If the only s'mores you've ever had involve store-bought graham crackers and marshmallows, then you are missing out on one of life's true pleasures. Maybe I am a little biased (well, a lot!) but a gourmet s'more is pure heaven. 

While assembling this post, I simply had to sample. And I sat and enjoyed one s'more. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. So go ahead and treat your friends and family to this easy S'mores Party and be the hostess with the mostest!

Its a messy one so I covered my table in brown kraft paper. This paper is so versatile and I often wrap presents in it and embellish with twine and fresh sprigs from the garden. It also made a great backdrop for my rustic tablescape and I wrote on the paper with chalk to outline all the steps to making your s'mores.

I gathered all of my supplies: trays, napkins, marshmallows, skewers, Sterno (more on this below), chocolate and cookies. Details below~

Buffet style is perfect for this casual s'mores set-up. I put this out on our long coffee table- keeping it easy for guests to sit and have s'more. 

Start with your marshmallows (gourmet marshmallows from Kimberley's Kitchen of course!). I put out an assortment of holiday flavors- my classic Vanilla Bean, Espresso Crunch, and Rum & Eggnog (which contains rum and roasts so well). I also put out some smaller marshmallows (these are my Bites) for smaller guests.

Next you roast it! Did you know that you didn't need a campfire to have a s'more? These Sterno pots used for catering chaffing dishes are perfect for roasting marshmallows indoors. (please use caution and keep children away from the flame). Fresh marshmallows roast very quickly but you can see how perfect they look with a little toasting.

You can go the traditional route and slap a slab of really good chocolate in your s'more, or, you can opt for my chocolate-covered handmade grahams that make even better s'mores. I put out this dark chocolate from Trader Joe's that I am officially obsessed with. I love dark chocolate (and I would also put out milk chocolate for guests) and have probably tried every gourmet brand and variety. 

Then smush with cookies! I made my handmade graham crackers that I smother in dark chocolate to make s'mores easier and tastier. I also included some butter shortbread and mini grahams for little ones. You can put out an assortment of your favorite homemade or store-bought cookies. Something sturdy works best so that it doesn't crumble when you press your marshmallow inside. 

And there you have it! You have just made yourself a divine s'more. Now- time for s'more!

I hope that you will try hosting your own s'mores party. It is easy and lots of fun. 

But wait- there's s'more! I am hosting a GIVEAWAY for this s'mores party! Included in the giveaway:

S'mores party for 6~
Trays and skewers
Gourmet Marshmallows and Cookies
Gourmet Chocolate
(Sterno not included as I cannot ship it)

To enter the giveaway simply comment on this post telling me about your favorite s'more memory. Thanks so much! The winner will be randomly selected on December 15th, 2012.

Here are my sources for my rustic s'mores bar~

Gourmet Marshmallows and Cookies ~ Kimberley's Kitchen (me!)
Cardboard trays & wooden crates ~ Garnish
Napkins ~ Canadian Superstore
Skewers ~ most grocery stores, usually in the Asian food aisle
Soy waxed paper ~ Nature's Pantry, or your local health food store
Chocolate ~ Trader Joe's
Sterno ~ Bulkley Valley Wholesale, or a catering/kitchen supply store
black wire baskets ~ my own collection, purchased from La Petit Maison in Smithers
Kraft paper and chalk ~ Staples, or a craft store


  1. I love s'mores! My favorite memory is taking my daughter camping and watching her eat her first s'more a few years ago. She always asks to make them at home.

  2. Yummy!! Your entire post is making this pregnant girl hungry! My first memory of making S'mores (and probably my fav) is with Girl Scouts. It was also the first time I remember roasting marshmallows my a real campfire. Ahh to be a kid...

  3. Great way to serve these indoor! So neat!

  4. My favourite s'mores memory is from this past summer when hubby and I went camping in Tofino....s'mores were part of our daily meal plan by the campfire! I love your idea of an indoor s'mores party :)

  5. My brother and I used to make smores in the microwave when we got home from school! We thought it was the greatest - we could pretend we were camping!!

  6. Love this party! We make s'mores in our backyard at our campfire all the time. However, last year the kids wanted them in the middle of Winter. SO I had them roast the marshmallows over the fire INSIDE in our fireplace...they loved it and now ask for them even more! LOL

  7. Every year my husband's aunt throws a 4th of July party. At the end, they always start up the fire pit and bring out the makings for smores. So fun!

  8. Wow...I'm new to homemade graham crackers and I've never had a gourmet marshmallow or seen this done in the house. I feel that my life is not complete and this is something my family and I need to try! We're in Southern California and it's always about hersheys, a bag of marshmallows and whatever graham crackers bonfired on the beach. I gotta try this for sure :)

  9. Yummy!! I think I just may have to order some marshmallows so we can do this at home :)

  10. yum!!! Great job! Love the chalk on the kraft paper and the chocolate dipped graham crackers are genius!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  11. great!!! I love all! specially the rustic theme... :)

  12. Glad the tree stumps came in handy again! I'm enjoying reading your blog and just became a "follower" :)


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