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I'm Back!

Have you missed me? It has been a while. It has been about 5 months, the longest break I have taken from blogging. Most of my ramblings are now on Instagram , of course. But I thought it was time to return here, share some news and thoughts, and get us all ready to celebrate something special. Since writing here, we opened Telkwa General Store & Cafe. We opened in July and haven't stopped to take a breath since! We are so grateful for the positive response and support from our community and customers. We have so many ideas and good things to share and we are thrilled to have our new location for all of this. October marks the 6th anniversary of Kimberley's Kitchen and we are going to celebrate! Be sure to visit us on Instagram for all of the fun- that is where we will announce the celebration fun we will be having! Finally, I have decided to put this blog on pause. All content will still be here but I will be blogging on a new domain very soon so be sure to like us on

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