Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Update! {and a giveaway!}

Summer is here and I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer so far! In B.C. it has been very hot and already the forest fires are burning at a record rate. With watering restrictions in effect and even some areas with fishing restrictions because of drought conditions, it sure has me thinking about how we can be more self-reliant in a remote part of our country.

We love to grow our own food and every winter I plan our garden, order seeds, and start seedlings indoors. We buy some veggie starts too since we don't have a heated greenhouse, and plant more than we probably can eat! 

We have a short but hot growing season in northern B.C. and so there are a few things that seem to do very well here. We have one raised bed of kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbages. These we started in the winter from seed so it is amazing to watch these giants grow and flourish. We also have a large herb garden (which we are using in our restaurant- more about that later!), greens, radishes, beets, carrots, potatoes and under our new cold frame we have peppers, tomatoes, cucs, squash, and pumpkins! We threw some last minute peas and beans in an old garden but I am not too hopeful. It has actually been too hot for them. 

Within a few weeks of planting we started eating. Pictured above is the glorious kale we have. We have 4 plants and they will feed us all summer, plus some frozen for winter. This is a nice, soft, curly variety that tastes great raw in a salad, or roasts up to kale chips nicely. You can see that the girls LOOOOOVE their kale chips. 

Our strawberries haven't come in yet but we are so lucky to have amazing B.C. berries and even local strawberries grown on a nearby farm. But the raspberries and Saskatoon berries are here and plentiful in our forest this year. I picked the first of the raspberries last night and just stood and ate them. It was magical! We will forage for Saskatoons and choke cherries soon and they will be canned and frozen.

We have managed to get out and do some camping already this summer and we have a few favourite spots in Northern B.C. We are lucky enough to have an exceptional provincial camp site 5 minutes from our house. This means I can come home for a shower! Or if we forget anything we can pick it up. But our favourite part is sitting by the fire with hot chocolates and enjoying the fresh air, trees, animals, and the beauty of Northern B.C. (and some Vanilla Bean Mug Toppers too!)

We hope that you are having a wonderful summer and watch here for more summer updates, recipes, and more!

I also thought maybe a giveaway would be nice right about now! I am giving away a 6-pack of Vanilla Bean Mug Toppers! These round fluffy marshmallows are perfect for floating in your hot drink. Simply stop by my Instagram and like, comment, and tag one friend on the giveaway photo (same as above). The winner will be drawn on July 19th! 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Father's Day and FREE Shipping!

Father's Day has always been a special holiday for me. I grew up with the best Dad in the world. I bought him mugs and soap-on-the-rope that said just that. And then just over 2 years ago the Best Dad in the World died, leaving me without my Dad and my daughters without their only Grandfather. Luckily, my daughters have the next best Dad in the world, my husband. I feel pretty lucky to have found a partner for life who is so much like my Dad and is a wonderful father to our girls.

My Dad loved sweet treats and he is the inspiration for all that I craft and create at Kimberley's Kitchen. From Rocky Road marshmallows, to gourmet s'mores, to peanut brittle, all of my ideas and creations are inspired by what he loved. 

One of my best-selling products from the first day of business has been Dad's Peanut Brittle. This is the recipe he used and loved. It is a classic brittle recipe with lots of butter and salty peanuts. I think he would be very pleased to see that it is still a best-seller and one of my most requested products. 

I have crafted fresh batches just in time for Father's Day. It is perfect for giving or snacking or sharing. However you enjoy it, know that it comes from the heart of my family to you. 

As an extra special treat, I am launching FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50!!! This is very exciting for me and I can't wait to send you delicious treats. Visit my online SHOP to see more!

Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Kitchen Reveal!

The Kitchen is finished! Well, it has been finished since April but I have been so busy that I haven't had time to even stop and blog. So, here is my final post about my Kitchen build.

First of all, thank you to everyone who backed this project, built the kitchen, and gave generous support along the way. It has been an amazing experience and I am truly grateful to every one of you. I want to thank all of my backers, our friends and neighbors who donated time, tools, and talent to actually help us build it, the support of our community and Village, our health inspector from Northern Health for providing guidance along the way (and eventually passing our inspection!), and all of the media that helped to get the word out and support my little candy company.

As some of you may know, we were slightly delayed because of the sink. The sink! But it all worked out in the end and I learned to go with the flow and trust that it was all going to be okay. And it is.

I love my working space. Creating a workplace that reflects me, my values, and everything that my company is about was extremely important to me. I have learned, now that I have been working in my Kitchen, just how important it is to do work in a positive, uplifting space. My Kitchen is small, but it is more than adequate for the work that I do. I enjoy going to work in this space and I love crafting organic goodness for all of my customers.

Please visit my blog, website, and social media often for more information on new products, retailers, and recipes. I look forward to bringing you more delicious treats!

Thank you,