Kickstarter Update for March

It feels like spring is on its way here! We are experiencing a very early melt here in Northern BC and if I am lucky, I will have a somewhat green Easter!

Construction on the kitchen is plugging along. We had hoped it would be complete by now but we had a major delay with counters and the sink. It is all coming together and delays are common in construction when you live in a remote area. We don't have a major building store with a huge abundance of choices here, so we rely on items being shipped or on traveling to pick things up.

Plumbing and electrical are complete and the flooring is being installed next week. We will rush to try and paint before then. Then we wait on the counters and sinks, being shipping from the lower mainland, so hopefully over spring break we will be able to start installing everything.

While the kitchen may be moving slower than planned, business is growing quickly. We have more wholesale customers this spring than every before and are looking to expand across Northern BC. We also are looking forward to our outdoor farmers' market starting up again in May. I know that some of you are fans from the market and I really look forward to seeing you this spring and summer. I will be offering new products this spring and summer at the farmers' market so please stop by and have a sample!

Finally, rewards are shipping out weekly! The end of March will be the end of our regular rewards, with some backers opting for a delayed shipping/pick-up of rewards in the summer. I have heard back from some of my backers and I thank you for your kind and positive feedback about the product. If you haven't received your package yet, hang tight, it is being whipped, cut, bagged, and boxed over the next 2 weeks for sure. Also, I am feeling rather generous and doubling the amount of marshmallows in the rewards I am shipping out. Just because I really want to share the marshmallow love!

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support!

Happy spring!


  1. what encouraging progress! Can't wait to get these babies!

  2. Darn, had I known you were doubling down the goodies I would have opted for one of the rewards packages ;-D Glad to hear things are progressing nicely for you - despite taking longer than hoped/expected. That's renos for you! Hope you are keeping well and can't wait to see the finished product :-)


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