NEW Kitchen Update for February!

As many of you know, we started construction on our new commercial kitchen in late December. I wanted to share the progress with all of you and some more exciting news!

If you have ever done a renovation of any kind, you know that it is like ripping apart a puzzle and then putting it back together. January saw the demo process with flooring being removed and walls being cut open. We have some plumbing and electrical complete and are waiting to be able to continue with it this weekend. It is very exciting to watch it take shape and a good lesson in flexibility to adjust to unforeseen changes. We are very grateful to our friends that have volunteered their time to help and to our amazing trades people who have been flexible and professional.

We are soon installing the stove and sinks and will be able to start some finishing touches such as paint and flooring. I can't wait to show you when it's complete!

In the meantime, more future customers have approached us about our products and this is so exciting. We love building relationships with local and small businesses and finding a way to bring Kimberley's Kitchen to their customers! When they have our products, I will update our list on our online shop.

Don't forget to check out all that is available online with flat rate shipping in Canada! Visit and see what is in store for you!



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