Love Message

As Valentine's Day approaches, I have had a heavy heart. I rarely read a lot of news stories but lately it has been hard to ignore all of the tragic events in our world. I have had a hard time feeling hopeful and reconciling my purpose when I know that there are so many people suffering, many of whom are women and children.

I was searching for a sign. Something to remind me of hope and help me believe in it again. It was actually the words of my daughter that provided a much needed message of hope and love for me. And I am realizing that everything is all about heart. This world of ours, this life I am living, all of it really comes down to something very simple. Matters of the heart.

And so for this Valentine's Day, rather than celebrating the traditional notion of romantic love, I am trying to spread the hope of self love. More and more I know that when we love ourselves, truly and completely, we are able to love others as they need to be loved. When we love just a few people in the world, it is our small but profound gift to the world.



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