Small Business Lessons

photo by Gazely Design
As I take a moment to breathe during my first few days of my Kickstarter Campaign, I am thinking about my small business journey over the past 4 years. I remember the excitement and nerves when I first started. Compliments were given, mistakes were made. Through the whole time I have tried to learn from everything and everyone. I have met and worked with some incredible people.

Entrepreneurs often spend a great deal of time working alone. For many of us, we are a one-person operation. Or if we are lucky enough to work with others, we often take on a lot of extra work in our personal time. The network of people I have gained online and in the local community has helped to make me feel less like this is a one-woman show and more like we are in this together. I am incredibly grateful for my network of supporters, customers, and business professionals who have made this possible.

When I hosted a Friends & Family Launch Party for my crowd-funding campaign, I realized that every person in attendance has played an important part of my business growth here in Northern BC. I love that these people are also friends. It was heart-warming that Kimberley's Kitchen brought this group of people together, neighbors and friends and business associates.

One of my best memories of my Dad is that many of his life-long friends were, in fact, people he met through his work. He maintained these relationships because he was a very likable, kind person, and conducted his business with integrity and honesty. I have always admired how he was able to have such great friends.

I am very grateful for the friends and supporters that have made these past 4 years possible. I am thrilled about the future of Kimberley's Kitchen and invite you to be a part of it.



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