Featured Story on Storenvy Blog

When I read that Storenvy was looking for stories from their store owners, I submitted a little story about my Dad's Peanut Brittle. One of the reasons I love having a store on Storenvy and would highly recommend it as an inexpensive (free!) and easy-to-build store for any entrepreneur is because of the social media and community engagement that Storenvy is building every day. 

I was so impressed with the two employees that communicated with me for information and photos and today, when my story was posted, I was overwhelmed with emotion. I love that my story, about my little candy company, is reaching out and across and I get to receive wonderful emails from people asking questions or simply being supportive.

A huge thank you to the Storenvy team for the blog feature. Blog posts are a dime a dozen these days, but this is a special moment for me and I am enjoying it.

See the post here and take a look at all the amazing things Storenvy is doing to help build small businesses like mine.



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