Easy Kid's Valentine's Party {Movie Night}

When my husband and I first started dating, I told him that I didn't want to celebrate Valentine's Day. He was delighted! But the reason was, I didn't like the over-priced, poor quality roses and chocolates that seemed to take over as the go-to gifts. 

Working in the food industry meant that I was surrounded with Valentine's Day at work, so I was okay with February 14th being a regular night. And I always worked on February 14th. 

When we had kids, I decided that we would celebrate for the kids. It is a fun holiday for kids and breaks up the winter months between Christmas and Easter. So every year, with our daughters, we give them gifts and make heart sugar cookies and send treats to family and friends. It is a great kid's holiday- hearts and love. What a nice focus for a family.

I try to host a Kid's Valentine's party every year, and this year we have a super special party for friends. An easy party to put together yourself, and you can even order the beautiful paper party supplies featured here by the very talented Party Paper Scissors. This was a custom order that I requested and Chrissie managed to create the most perfect accents for this party.

Party Paper Scissors hand-crafts paper party supplies- no printables here. She ships these amazing accessories such as banners, bunting, toppers, and anything she can dream up. She has contributed to many of our parties and her products are so well made that you can re-use them (such as our Christmas banner).

Movie Night is a family tradition that we do every Friday night. Jay is often at work on Friday nights so the girls and I have a fun dinner, such as homemade pizza, and curl up to a nice movie. When I started this tradition, I set up a little concession stand, handed out tickets, and we sat in the dark and ate our popcorn and treats.

I have recreated our Movie Night here with all the concession stand treats that would be perfect for a kids' party. I chose a red and white theme, with some black accents and an old fashioned movie theatre inspiration. 

The Details~

Two beautiful banners- "Now Playing" for the entrance and "Snacks" for the concession stand.

Food labels and tags- for some extra fun, the concession stand is all decked out with these beautiful tags and labels.

Invites and tickets- I made the invites myself, a very simple design, but included the tickets for the guests to bring to the movie.

Menu- of course there is popcorn in these vintage popcorn bags, some sweet treats and drinks, and some marshmallows. I had to serve marshmallows!

This was a fun party to put together and was so easy that you could easily do this for a weekend play date or a Valentine's celebration for the kids (maybe while you are out with your honey).

Easy Steps for this Movie Night Party~

1. Email or print an invite. You can purchase the party supplies from Party Paper Scissors, but there are some inexpensive substitutes at most dollar stores if you want this to be super easy. They sell rolls of tickets, and you could include a few in each invite. Send your invites to the party.

2. Plan your menu. What could be easier than serving popcorn, drinks, and treats? Find your favorites in bulk to save money. We made a sparkling juice with San Pellegrino and some cranberry juice to make the pink drinks. Super easy and tasty.

3. Set up your concession stand. You could even get the kids to help with a banner or sign for your stand. 

And now it is time to enjoy the party!


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