Teacher Treats~

How do you show your appreciation for all that your teachers do? Give them a thoughtful gift with quality ingredients. Let's face it, they have enough pencils. What they will really enjoy is a sweet treat made by hand.

Different tastes for different teachers~

Classic Peanut Brittle- I would have given this to Mr. Breen. He was a substitute teacher that we had in elementary school for a year. We spent most of the year doing sports, but somehow he managed to sneak in some math.

Almond Butter Crunch- I would have given this to Mr. Denos- our highschool drama teacher. He also taught Western Civilization and I fully credit him for inspiring me to study Theatre at university.

Gluten Free Shortbread- I would have given this to one of my university professors Peter MacKinnon, who taught me that the foundation of art is craft. I took only one course with him but he influenced my entire university career and I often think of his lessons when I work on my craft.

What treats will you surprise the teachers in your life with?


  1. Such a treat to read this post and be reminded of Mr. Breen and Mr. Denos!


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