Gluten Free Goodness~

With so many people moving to a gluten-free diet, I am often sharing with people that marshmallows are naturally gluten free. In fact, my marshmallows don't contain egg or dairy too. (There may be some flavor exceptions so always check). They do contain sugar but if you are okay with the occasional sweet but need to avoid gluten, then marshmallows are a perfect treat!

My S'mores for Four kits are very popular all year and this summer I experimented with a gluten-free option for the handmade grahams included in the kits. They were so delicious and sold out so fast I knew that GF baked goods would do well on my menu.

For the holidays, I am adding a new line of GF treats! I have been busy testing alternative flours in my shortbread recipes. Shortbread lends itself very well to a GF flour base and the flavors really enhance the cookie. I am thrilled to have some gluten-free choices for my customers and for gifts.

I will be offering Vanilla Bean Brown Sugar, Lemon, and Chai shortbread for the holidays in bags of 1 dozen cookies. Please visit the SHOP for more gluten free options.

Happy Holidays!

*please note that my commercial kitchen is not gluten-free, but the products listed as GF will not contain gluten ingredients*


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