Treats Galore~

Being a candy maker around holidays is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it is so much fun to make seasonal treats for my friends and family. On the other hand, there is a fairly big expectation that I supply a lot of candy for gifts, treats, and the like.

I have been thinking about the treats I will hand out this Halloween. I think it is fair to say that most people in our neighborhood have heard of me, even if they don't know that I live here. I also want to hand out treats that are a better choice than the store bought/food corp/blobs of faux everything.

I thought I would ask you, my fans, what treats I should hand out at the door this year! Comment here or on Facebook. I would love to know what you think. Here are some of the treats I was thinking of, but if you think of something different, please comment.

Mini Pumpkin Marshmallows
Candy Corn Marshmallows
Mini Chocolate Cookies
Marshmallow Bites with hot cocoa mix

Happy Halloween!


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