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Shortly after I started working in Smithers, I enjoyed the catering of Two Sisters. Our office frequently orders catering from this local business and every time, the food is fresh and flavorful.

The Two Sisters, Janet and Christine, embarked on a new adventure this year and opened a small cafe in the heart of Smithers. I was there before it opened.

When you move away from Vancouver it is safe to say that there are few cities with the same quality and array of food. And my fear of small town living was that I may never have good sushi or butter chicken (unless I made it) again. But Smithers has a surprisingly sophisticated, natural, local food scene. Some of the best sushi I have ever had, the best farmer's market, and some small food producers that provide beautiful beef, chicken, eggs, lamb, pork, and vegetables.

Two Sisters found me on Facebook and we briefly chatted about my marshmallows being in their new cafe. When I first met them, the cafe was partially complete and their friends and family were busy helping to put the finishing touches on their space.

Photo by Kimberley
I walked in and felt a sense of "home" as if I was transported to Yaletown (which is my long-time neighbourhood in Vancouver). I met the sisters and thought, "if me and my sister opened a cafe, this is what it would be." Janet and Christine even remind me of my sister and I. Alike yet different. But most importantly, they compliment each other.

I pulled out some samples for them to try and a some family was around so they got in on the samples. I always wait with anticipation when someone samples my marshmallows for the first time. I know what is about to happen. They all agreed that the Chai was their favorite. They loved the packaging and all the seasonal variety. They loved that I use the same locally roasted coffee that they were preparing to serve from their shiny, new espresso machine.

Photo by Kimberley

Since the opening of Two Sisters, my marshmallows have had a place by the counter on a beautiful little shelf. In no time they started selling and now I re-stock them weekly.

Photo by Kimberley

Of course, I eat there frequently too. Two Sisters use local ingredients and prepare specials that are something we can't find anywhere else here. (I have been asking for the Beef Rendang to return as a special. I plan to buy it all and put it in my freezer).

There is a weekly newsletter and specials posted on their Facebook page. Needless to say, I think they have quite a following of the Smithers foodies. It is the first restaurant I recommend to visitors and now that they have expanded with a large patio with communal seating, they will be able to serve even more customers.
Photo by Kimberley

And it is where I go when I want a perfectly frothed latte. And I treat myself and ask them to drop a Pumpkin Spice marshmallow in it. Since now you can get Vanilla Bean and Pumpkin Spice marshmallows in your hot drinks (just ask!).
Photos by Kimberley
Inspiring people, talented cooks, and huge supporters of Kimberley's Kitchen, Two Sisters feels like home.

~You can find the Two Sisters cafe at 3763 4th Ave in Smithers, or if you are giving directions like we do, in the old Tasty Freeze.


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