Trick or Treat!

I am often asked about different ways of using marshmallows in baking and if I ever make rice krispy treats. I make a lot of different treats with marshmallows; they are really very versatile. And crispy cereal treats are a fun and easy way to use up some extra cereal and marshmallows!
I bought some great Halloween party supplies from The Bakers Confections and thought I could use them to make some treats for Halloween. I love their selection of cupcake papers, twine, paper straws, and so much more.

Crispy cereal treats are easy to make. I make them off the top of my head so please use your favorite recipe. I also don't use actual Rice Krispies, but rather a mix of the organic cereals we have in the pantry (its a great way to use up all those bits of cereal left at the bottom of the box!)

 I also enlisted my daughters to help me decorate these treats- dipping in chocolate and sprinkles is an easy way to get kids to help and they love doing it!

How To~ melt chocolate in the microwave (or a double boiler on the stove). Dip squares in chocolate and place on wax paper. Sprinkle with an assortment of seasonal sprinkles and allow to set. Insert straw into center and tie on twine.
We used paper straws and some baker's twine to decorate the treats and make them special. But they didn't last very long so you may not even get to this part!


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