Milk & Cookies

The new school year brings new friends for our children. Inviting friends over after school is fun, and even better when there's an activity and snacks.

The quintessential after school snack is milk and cookies. So why not invite new friends over for a Milk & Cookies party?

I set up this party on our deck, since September here is still warm and sunny. But this could easily be a kitchen or playroom party. Here are some easy steps to making it fun for everyone (and will surely impress new friends!)

Step 1:
I always start with a color theme- it is the easiest way to bring all the party elements together. Instead of the traditional apple red, I went with green and brown to welcome fall.

Step 2:
Gather items for the table- I simply grabbed all the baskets, bags and details I had in my color theme and brought them together on a table.

Step 3:
Purchase or make cookies- you don't have to be a cookie artist to pull this off (I'm definitely not a cookie artist, hence the addition of some fancy marshmallows!) A collection of favorites from your local bakery or make some ahead of time with your kids (another great activity for kids!).

Step 4:
Assemble your party-  I started with a blanket for a table cloth, put out napkins, cookies, treats, and a "milk station", I even included some little bags for the kids to take home some cookies (and this keeps me from eating them all!).

Step 5:
Hot Chocolate variation- if it's a cool day, turn it into a Hot Chocolate party and some yummy marshmallows for dipping and dunking.
Decorate Your Own Cookie- this is another way to make it a great activity- prepare some "blank" cookies and provide icing, chocolate, sprinkles and other embellishments at a Decoration Station and have the kids do all the work!

I included some fun S'mores that I assembled with Kimberley's Kitchen marshmallows, handmade cookies and graham crackers. They are an excellent addition to a cookie table and are always the first to go!

Happy back to school and enjoy all the new friends and adventures this season brings.


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