Dreaming and Doing

photo by Magna Vita Photography

I was recently interviewed by the very funny and talented Katie Garton for her new blog Dream Till Green. Katie and I first connected on Twitter, and quickly found that our banter turned into shared interests and ideas. Katie's blog is filled with inspiration and inspiring finds and captures those who dare to dream.

Here's an excerpt from the interview and be sure to visit Katie's blog to read more~

"So how am I getting closer to my dream? I changed my expectations in life. I have made a simpler life for myself. I moved from The Big City to a Small Town so we could have more space, grow our own food, know our neighbours, keep the doors unlocked, and enjoy the outdoors. I am growing my business slowly, financing it all myself without going into a lot of debt. In 2 short years, I have grown beyond my expectations. There have been plenty of opportunities for me to compromise my values. Cheaper ingredients, cheaper packaging, selling out. I decided from the very beginning that if my product put more plastic in the world I would not do it. I sought out a sustainable option for packaging and absorb the cost myself. It is just the right thing to do. I want my business to stand for more than good flavor or something trendy. I want it to represent all that is important to me. I don't feed my kids food with artificial flavors and colors. I don't use them in my marshmallows. A sweet treat is okay now and then. I believe in moderation. But something of quality, made with sustainable ingredients and love, simply tastes better.

The short answer to your question: I am living my dream every day. And getting closer to the bigger dream. And I truly believe that we are the choices we make. Every decision I make gets me closer. It is up to me."


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