The S'more, all grown up

photo by Kimberley's Kitchen
The S'more has really grown up. I remember the days of jet puffed marshmallows and boxed graham crackers, chocolate bars and a campfire. But these days, gourmet marshmallows, gourmet cookies, and gourmet chocolate are taking the simple s'more to new heights. And so, what was once a camping snack has become a retro, sophisticated menu item for confectioneries and cafes.

Of course I love handmade gourmet marshmallows. And cookies. And good chocolate. So it just makes sense that I started making a whole kit for people to make their very own, grown up s'more. When I first started selling marshmallows, people would tell me that they made s'mores with them. With store bought cookies. While I didn't gasp in front of them, all I could think was "how could you put that beautiful marshmallow on a store-bought cookie?" So I quickly set out to make cookies that would match the quality and experience of my marshmallows.

Two years later and my S'mores for Four kits are still one of my biggest sellers. In summer AND winter! (who wouldn't love chocolate cookies with white chocolate and peppermint marshmallows roasted on the fire?) As you can see, the possibilities are endless and a s'more is now so much more than the sweet treat of days past. S'mores have inspired brownies, cupcakes, cake pops, and more so I am pretty sure our love affair with that perfect combination of gooey, chocolate and cookie will stick around for a while.

At least I hope so. Cause I just baked 500 graham crackers for s'mores kits.


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