Happy National S'mores Day!

Photos by Kimberley's Kitchen
Friday, August 10th is National S'mores Day! What better way to celebrate than to eat lots of fabulous handmade s'mores. I have been whipping up marshmallows and graham crackers getting ready for this, perhaps one of my favorite, holidays.
I love having the traditional graham cracker with chocolate and a plain-old marshmallow. But this year we are going gourmet with s'mores- all kinds of cookies, chocolate and of course, many many flavors of marshmallows. The combinations are endless.

Whether you are a chocolate fan or a fruity person, there is a s'more for you. I frequently receive requests for S'mores for Four kits with Lemon marshmallows so I added it to my menu this year.
Having all the best ingredients is the best place to start. But then there is technique. My husband makes the perfect embers in a fire for roasting marshmallows. But, I usually can't wait.
It doesn't take long for the marshmallow to be perfectly roasted. And my graham crackers that already have the chocolate on them, make it super easy to pull off the marshmallow and have a perfect s'more.
Sometimes I have more than one.
My daughters get in on the fun too.
However you enjoy them, be sure to enjoy a s'more on Friday.


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