Happy National Roasted Marshmallow Day!

Photo by Kimberley's Kitchen
I think its fair to say that there is a day for EVERYTHING. Having only just celebrated National S'mores Day, we are now honoring National Roasted Marshmallow Day. (but why else would you roast a marshmallow if not for a s'more?) I know. I asked that myself.
But I am not one to miss a holiday so here we are! Handmade marshmallows are one of those things that can be enjoyed 'naked' or roasted, or baked, or fried (yes, I will be experimenting with deep-fried marshmallows and reporting back to you).
Any reason to celebrate the marshmallow. That corner-store confection turned food-trend is popping up in so many recipes, dessert tables, and food shops. So why not try one? If you have not tried a handmade marshmallow, you are surely missing out. Unlike the stay-puff distant cousin, these treats have a lightness with lots of flavor.
What flavors you ask? Well, with Fall coming and the fact that I could probably live in Fall 10 months of the year and that I LOVE it to bits, I am happy to say the new Fall menu is here. Many of your favorites are back, such as Rocky Road (which also has a day!), Pumpkin Spice (the first marshmallow I ever sold!), and so many new flavors that I have literally been working on for months.
How does Pumpkin Praline or Espresso Crunch sound to you? Made with all natural and mostly local flavors and ingredients (if I could grow my own sugar I would!). Organic raw pumpkin seeds are candied with organic maple syrup and top a pumpkin marshmallow. All inspired by my friend and fan, Sophie, who suggested a praline-type marshmallow.
Espresso Crunch is an update on my popular espresso marshmallow but now with crushed espresso beans. This was inspired by my coffee-loving cousin, Rennie, who wanted more "kick" in it! Done. All made with locally roasted, organic, Fair Trade coffee by Chicken Creek. (that's a mouthful!)
Other new flavors? Fruit & Nut, Triple Chocolate, Carrot Cake, and Apple Pie (that will blow your mind!) I am busy trying to capture some pictures but time when there is natural light is few and far between with my busy schedule. I promise to show you soon!
The Fall menu will be posted in the shop in the next few days and there is even more. Special seasonal s'mores and new candies. The Kitchen is busy and I am loving it.
Thanks again for all your support and let's raise a marshmallow to "toast" the season. (how long have I waited to use that line?)
Happy Fall, my friends!


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