3 Easy Gluten Free Summer Desserts

Photos by Kimberley's Kitchen
I love to entertain in the summer and I always include fun, fresh desserts to finish the meal. Hosting guests who eat gluten- free doesn't mean you have to sacrifice dessert. There are so many wonderful gluten-free options and gourmet marshmallows are naturally gluten-free.

1. Chocolate Pudding Marshmallow Parfaits~
Homemade chocolate pudding and vanilla bean gourmet marshmallows layered in jars makes a rich and decadent treat. Sprinkled with a touch of cocoa, these parfaits are easy (even the kids can help!) and will disappear quickly. For a quick and easy homemade pudding recipe, visit Everyday Food at Martha Stewart Living. I made this with my 4 year old daughter and it is so delicious.

I love to use recycled jam jars and eco-friendly "sporks" to make eating this easy while sitting on the deck.

2. Local fruit and Marshmallow Platter~
It may seem obvious, but when we have such amazing local fruit in the summer, I love to serve it just as-is. You really don't need to do much to these fresh peaches and blueberries to make them any better. Serve them alongside some tropical marshmallows like these Coconut and Pomegranate, and it makes for a great mix of flavors. You could even put a bowl of lightly sweetened whipped cream on the side.

3. Mini Lemon Meringue Marshmallows~
The very first time I sold my Lemon Meringue Marshmallows it was to a woman who was going to serve them for dessert. Ever since then I can't keep them in stock, and most customers love to serve them as dessert. This mini version (sans cookie if you know the original) fits nicely in these little cups and makes for a light bite at the end of the meal. Any flavor and small cup, baking cup, or small glass will do just fine in showing off the natural colors and flavors of gourmet marshmallows.

Serving guests who are gluten-free is easier than ever with the increasing variety of gluten-free products and recipes. And if you are thinking of gluten-free for yourself, don't forget that marshmallows are naturally gluten-free, making them a wonderful sweet treat any time.


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