Ode to Rocky Road

Photo by Magna Vita Photography
I first learned of rocky road when I was a child and my Dad loved rocky road ice cream. Ever since then, I have known that it is one of his favorites. So when I started experimenting with unique marshmallow flavors, rocky road was one of the first recipes that I worked on.

The rocky road marshmallow, as I imagine it, it a fluffy chocolate marshmallow studded with all the fixins' of a good rocky road ice cream- walnuts, chocolate and vanilla marshmallows. When I first made them, they were huge. And my (then) 2 year old said they were "big giant." And so the Big Giants came to be.

As you can see in the photo above, these are big marshmallows. Not for the faint of heart, I'll say. You could share one. Maybe.

When I first started selling rocky road, I had imagined that it would be one of my seasonal flavors. The plan was to have it in fall and for Father's Day, given that it was my Dad's favorite flavor. But the "special requests" for this flavor just kept coming in and I realized that I just had to have it on my menu all year long, or I would be dissapointing a lot of folks. I have some customers that order it exclusively (ahem, Jeannine) but I'm okay with that. As long as they love it.

So in honor of Rocky Road Day, I give you this, my Ode to Rocky Road~

Pouring cocoa clouds oh so slow
Dribbles, drabs, drips and spills
Quick to set so time to go
Speckle with walnuts, chopped, no frills

Now onto the chocolate that's a little dark
Vanilla bean bites
Handcrafted like art
The first recipe was but a lark
But now its popularity has reached new heights
Every little bit infused with heart.



  1. Your Rocky Road Marshmallows are one my favorites! I love the peach too!

  2. I LOVE Rocky Road... but you already knew that :P


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