Spring is in the air...sort of

Fresh air. Sunshine. Lemons.

Ahhh, I can feel spring coming. Well, not exactly. We just happen to be having a warm (meaning above zero) day with the typical winter sunshine that we get here in the Bulkley Valley. But, I will take it. And I opened the windows for some fresh air. That's the other part of living in the country- FRESH air. And the sound of birds being the only sound that drifts in the windows.

This sunny mood has me thinking of spring and all the things I love about it. Easter has to be my one of my favorite holidays. Perhaps because it often lands around my birthday (ahem) but I love the tulips and light food and baked goods that come with Easter. And the chocolate of course.

Last spring was a very busy season for Kimberley's Kitchen and this year will be no exception. With custom orders, wedding favor orders, and wholesale requests pouring in, there will be no time to stop. Well, maybe for a minute to smell the flowers.

Many of the popular flavors will return, such as lemon, lavender, earl grey, and new treats as well. Also, I have sourced some lovely boxes for shortbread that will make for pretty gifts for Easter and Mother's Day. I will have the ever-popular coconut Bunny  and flower marshmallow pops too. Super sweet treats to tuck into your little one's Easter basket.

I hope that wherever you are, a little breathe of spring will come your way just to remind you that soon it will be here.


photos by Magna Vita Photography


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