I {heart} Macarons

One of my biggest confessions- I have had a love affair with French macarons for years. I tried one for the very first time, years ago when I was living in Toronto. There was a little bakery that made them, long before they were the baking trend around the world. The first flavor I tried was lavender and it was pure heaven. I developed a healthy obsession with them.
I started making them myself two years ago and most enjoy making lavender and lemon. I prefer to use all natural color and flavor when I make them. I also use organic almond flour and eggs. They are actually quite simple to make if you are handy with a mixer and a pastry bag. And just for Valentine's I made heart-shaped ones to share the love.
While not perfect, I allowed my daughter to use the pastry bag. She had fun making shapes and we filled these chocolate ones with raspberry jam. And then ate them. Once again proving that baking with kids can be fun and the results don't have to be picture-perfect; just a great memory.
For my my favorite recipe visit Martha Stewart's website


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