Every little bit counts

For many years I wanted to start a food business. What held me back for so long was the fear that I would not be able to create a business that was unique, successful, and made a positive contribution to the earth and people's lives. I was concerned that I could never be as "green" as I would like.

I am a cautious person so when I jumped in with both feet and took a risk, it was a huge moment for me. The mantra that gave me the courage to leap was "Every little bit counts."

There are lots of great food companies doing great things. My goal was to provide a handcrafted, unique product that people could feel good about buying. I take it very seriously that people give me their money for something I create. I want people to feel good knowing that they help support my family, local businesses and growers, and that a lot of love and passion goes into everything I make.

I know that, as a consumer, I can really feel the difference when I purchase something mass produced versus something local, handmade, and created with heart. I would rather spend more money and buy less if it means my purchases will make a positive contribution to people and the planet.

I have made several decisions to try and do what I can to make a positive difference at Kimberley's Kitchen~

  • compostable cello bags
  • recycled/recyclable paper bags and twist ties
  • cotton twine made in North America
  • Organic Fair Trade vanilla beans, imported by a small family business in Canada
  • Organic Fair Trade coffee roasted in Smithers, BC
  • organic spices, dried fruit and nuts
  • ethically sourced, high quality chocolate
  • BC dairy products
  • local organic flours
  • organic BC fruit
There will more changes for 2012 as I continue my quest to bring quality confections into people's homes. One marshmallow at a time. I have some vegan products that I am very excited about.

Thanks again for your continued support and if you have any suggestions on what I could do, please let me know.

Every little bit counts.


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