A Handmade Holiday

Photo by Magna Vita Photography

When I was a little girl, my Mom would host a Christmas Craft Party for the kids. All our friends would gather for cookies and crafts. We would make gingerbread cookies and ornaments and sing along to carols.

This was in a time long before craft stores and online shopping. Craft supplies were a collection of recycled, upcycled, or store bought items from a variety of places. Maybe an art store or fabric store or the grocery store. We didn't have the plethora of crafting materials that are available now, but we did well with what we had and made some charming decorations.

My Mom still has a few of the handmade ornaments, and every year when we pull them out to decorate the tree we talk about the story behind each one. "Remember when..." is how we reminisce about Christmases past.

Now that I am a mom I am continuing the tradition with my daughters. We are busy baking cookies and treats for our holiday enjoyment. We have some craft projects on the go, and I even taught my 3 year old how to sew and she has made Grandma a purse.

A handmade holiday is a tradition I want to continue because I think that there is something very special about handmade gifts and treats for the holidays. Handmade has more heart, often costs less, and can be created with environmentally friendly, local supplies.

What holiday traditions are you continuing with your family? I would love to hear- email or comment.

Happy Holidays!

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