Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Me!

Photo by Magna Vita Photography

One year ago today I launched Kimberley's Kitchen.

The photo above is one of the first official photos taken by my photographer. I found Bini, of Magna Vita Photography, on Craigslist. She offered to do a trial session with me and if it worked for both of us then I agreed to continue working with her. For that first shoot, we swapped photos for marshmallows. We continued to work together over the year, capturing images of Kimberley's Kitchen product and even some family photos.

Over this past year, I have met and worked with some amazing people. When I launched my business I wasn't expecting such a supportive community. It has been truly inspiring to connect with other bakers and mompreneurs. I have learned from so many of you; many of whom I haven't actually met. The Facebook community of foodie/craft/mompreneurs is huge and overflowing with talent. I have managed to make some meaningful connections with women who are pursuing their passions all over the world. (Like my "twin" from Isle of Man, Audrey, Shannon, Charlotte, Kim, Jackie, Chrissie, and so many more- you all know who you are).

Kimberley's Kitchen has surpassed all my expectations for Year One- business and otherwise. Looking to the year ahead is quite exciting for me too. I have just relocated to a small town north of Vancouver. Smithers, BC is in the heart of the Bulkley Valley and it is a remarkably beautiful and friendly place. I was inspired to do this partly from getting to know so many of you.

Kimberley's Kitchen is in full swing in preparation for Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the Christmas season. I hope to continue to delight you with sweets and treats. And very soon you will see a new look here!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support, encouragement, kindness, and loyalty. I appreciate every single comment and "like", I take care with every single order, and I put my heart into all that I do. I am excited for the year to come and look forward to sharing more with you.

I wouldn't be here without you.



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