From Market to Table

Photo by Magna Vita Photography

Saturday was the first ever Tri-Cities Baker's Community Market at the Evergreen Cultural Centre. After months of organizing and coordinating bakers, my vision of a community market dedicated to all things baked and sweet is finally a reality. I am thrilled to say that our first day was a success and we have four more market days to look forward to.
I spoke to the bakers shortly before we opened the doors at 10am. I thanked them for taking a chance on my little market and was frank, "today is a total crap shoot". I was willing to take the chance that maybe, just maybe, the folks in Coquitlam are like me and love to buy quality, handmade baked goods. And I am so grateful that the talented bakers took the leap of faith with me.

Before we had officially opened people started to trickle in. At first I was just relieved to see some customers buying. And then the steady flow of people continued until lunch. We had a little burst of shoppers after lunch and at that point, most bakers had sold out of most of their goods so it was definitely time to pack up.

Photo by Magna Vita Photography

I have been passionately engaged in the food movement for many years and am a firm believer in local, organic, and handmade. There is an amazing burst of food markets happening all over Canada and the US. One of the best farmers markets I have been to is in Las Vegas, of all places. The experience of buying food from the hands that picked it, mixed it and baked it is meaningful and rewarding. Not all of us can live (or even want to) from Farm to Table. But many of us can certainly take part in Market to Table.

Market to Table is a chance for us to genuinely connect with growers and producers. An opportunity for us to contribute to a family's way of life. An experience that is authentic and down to earth. When we spend our money at a market we are Voting with our Fork, as I like to say. We are escaping our addiction to plastic and our need to shop in sterile environments with no personality. We are acknowledging that food grown and made with love, by people who have a true passion for what they do, imapcts us and our food experience. It just tastes better.

Photo by Magna Vita Photography

My vision for this market in my community was that people appreciate handmade baked goods. Many of us have memories of our grandmothers and mothers baking and cooking. I knew I was on to something when almost every customer on Saturday said that they were so happy to buy homemade baked goods. When I talked to people they were thrilled to have something like this, with a variety of baked goods to buy, enjoy and share. They acknowledged the passion and dedication. One customer said to me, "I don't know how all you mothers with young children do this". We love it and love seeing people enjoy what we bake, so that makes it all worth it.

The best part of the day for me was when my babysitter dropped by with my two daughters. My 3 year old was thrilled to see Mommy's Baker's Market and I was so happy to have them see what I was doing. They also had a fun day at the park and I got to do something that I love. Helping people eat from Market to Table.


Next Market is June 4th 10-2 at Evergreen. Free event. Free parking. Free samples. And new bakers added every market day.


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