The Magic of Marshmallows

Marshmallow, cookies, chocolate, crushed pecans = a handful of heaven. Since creating the marshmallow slider, I have discovered the magic of marshmallows. Biting into this handmade confection reminds you of something old-fashioned, and at the same time you know you have never had anything like it.

I fell in love with marshmallows AFTER I decided to start a marshmallow company. I knew I loved them. I knew I loved making them. But true love really blossomed when I starting serving them to friends, family, and customers. When I first tell people that I make marshmallows, I usually get some funny looks. When I start to describe what I make, some people look confused and others gasp "that sounds amazing!" But the moment people take a bite, that is what I live for. That magical moment.

The best reaction so far has been from my mom. I gave her a pack of Vanilla Bean Marshmallows in her stocking at Christmas (just like so many of my customers!). She bit into one square and sighed. She vowed to save them and only have one a day. I don't think they lasted 6 days. I realized, in that moment, the magic of marshmallows. They are a reminder of the past, when confections were simpler, and dare I say sometimes better. Add to that the gourmet, handcrafted quality of a confection made with organic vanilla beans. And I think we all agree that something made from the heart has a spirit, unlike factory-produced food.

As I continue to experiment, plan, sample, and sell, I constantly remind myself of that little moment of happiness that my customers experience when they bite into a Kimberley's Kitchen marshmallow. It is the reason I was willing to leave a lucrative corporate (and stable!) HR career to pursue my passion. It is the reason my family puts up with me working really late nights, posting on Facebook in the middle of the day, and driving around town to find the best local ingredients. It is why I won't compromise my values in what I do. That magical moment IS why I do this.

I would like to thank everyone for all the support I have received so far (especially from my sister, my "VP of Marketing" whom I pay in marshmallows). And a huge thank you to all of my customers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and everyone who will try my products this year. When you purchase my products you are supporting me, my family, and helping me pursue my dreams. And I hope that when you bite into a Kimberley's Kitchen marshmallow, you sigh with content and experience the magic of marshmallows.


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