The Anatomy of a Marshmallow Slider

I love gourmet marshmallows. And chocolate, and sprinkles, and cookies. And then I though "let's put it all together!" And that is how I created the Marshmallow Slider.

I was stuck on a name for the cookie/sandwich/confection that I started making and selling. My cousin coined the term "slider" (as in burger) and it fits perfectly. Now, I create Marshmallow Sliders in over 20 flavors and shapes with some very festive ones for the holidays. Peppermint with crushed candy cane, Gingerbread with Smarties, Eggnog, and the very popular Coconut.

The anatomy of a marshmallow slider is simple- two cookies, chocolate, handmade marshmallow, more chocolate, sprinkles/nuts/candies. And there you have it.

Take a look!

Here I have started with two sugar cookies, a vanilla bean marshmallow, white chocolate, and chocolate sprinkles.

I then apply the "glue"- the white chocolate to the inside of each cookie.

I place the marshmallow and "glue" the other cookie with the chocolate.

I press it together and allow it to set- almost ready!

A little more chocolate and then the sprinkles!

And there we have it- a delicious Vanilla Bean Marshmallow Slider!

Marshmallow Sliders available to order in Mini and Jumbo-
visit the Holiday Menu.


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