Confessions of a Confectionist

Welcome to Kimberley's Kitchen. My little one-woman venture into confections, baked goods, and sweeties.

Confession #1: I am by no means a professional. By that I mean I have NOT gone to culinary school or apprenticed as a candy-maker. I am self-made. In every way. My background is performing arts and human resources. I do own every issue of Martha Stewart Living (and moved my boxes and boxes of magazines around to every apartment and house) I grew up watching Julia with my mom. My parents both taught me in the kitchen. I have been a foodie my whole adult life. So, naturally, I launched a food business.

Confession #2: I ditched being a perfectionist years ago (around the time I had my first baby) BUT confections do tend to fill my perfectionist side. It isn't "a dash of this and a dash of that" type cooking. It is exact. As in, I am not making chocolate today because the humidity is just too high. I calibrate my candy thermometer every time I use it. I fume when my marshmallow goes 30 seconds too long in the mixer (I can taste the difference). So, this type of food business suits me perfectly. I get to be a little more laid back in family life and a little more picky in my food life.

Welcome to my world. Follow the journey. And eat a marshmallow or two while doing so.



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